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My own logo which I created in Adobe Illustrator

Hi! My name is Stephen and welcome to my website.

I am a Theravāda Buddhist from the European Union who is also getting great teachings from the Mahāyāna and Vajrayāna. Of interest is to note that I created and developed to a profound degree the following two things on Wikipedia: Outline of Buddhism and Template:Buddhism topics.

I am also a student of IT, in particular Front-end Web Development. I am studying at Treehouse and I totally love it. I also like studying from Udemy, the MDN Web Docs, CSS-Tricks, Web Platform,, amongst other resources. I am also studying IT more broadly from Amazon Kindle books and Google Play Books on my tablet, Wikipedia and the Internet.

From 1 January 2022, I will be spending 13 hours per day (including the breaks) studying Front-end Web Development (mostly from Treehouse), and Computing & IT. My target date for completing my studies of Front-end Web Development is 18 August 2022, when I will also start building 3 projects. I will start looking for work as a Front-end Web Developer in October 2022.

More precisely, I plan to study and practice IT from 7 am until 8 pm, which will include 12 lessons each consisting of 30 minutes (one of them consisting of browsing to get to know how websites are made, including looking at the design of each website, as well as looking at the Google Chrome DevTools and the source code), plus 4 IT practice/coding sessions worth 30 minutes each. I will be having 2 meals during this timeframe, one 1-hour-long big break, and 10-, 15- or 20-minute breaks in between lessons.

I think every (prospective) Web Developer needs to study as many subfields of Computing & IT as possible. It's also great to repeat the material you are studying 4 times, practice (code) as much as possible, as well as build a portfolio of projects to show to potential employers. Students need to take their studies as seriously as possible, bearing in mind they will eventually find themselves at a computer in an office with other professionals, where they will have to earn their living by coding. Prepare, as well, for the interview process.

My goal is to become an erudite by learning as much as possible about as many things as possible, for 30 minutes per day. I started this endeavour in 2021 and plan to continue learning for as long as life lasts. Of interest is to know that you can find DK (Dorling Kindersley) books on Amazon Kindle (at and, Google Play Books, as well as print books — these are such great, interesting, well-made and well-written educational books on all kinds of topics. You can read them all on your tablet and carry it along with you anywhere you go.

If you are interested in computation and computational knowledge, you can check out the following by Wolfram and Stephen Wolfram:

Check this out as well:

My main specializations in terms of knowledge are listed below:

  1. Buddhism
  2. IT, in particular Front-end Web Development
  3. Languages: English (near-native), Pāḷi and Sanskrit Buddhist terminology, IT terminology, and I already know a fair amount of Greek
  4. Mathematics
  5. Human anatomy (the best anatomy app is 3D4Medical Complete Anatomy 2022, which is available for desktop and mobile devices — it is totally profound; for a 3D brain model, download 3D4Medical Brain Pro; you can also check out this interactive brain model, powered by the Wellcome Trust and developed by Matt Wimsatt and Jack Simpson)
  6. Philosophy
  7. Science
    • Formal sciences
      • Computer Science
      • Logic
      • Other formal sciences
    • Natural and physical sciences
    • Social sciences
    • Applied sciences
    • Health sciences
  8. History
  9. Famous people
  10. Technology & Engineering
  11. Nutrition & dietetics
  12. Economics and money matters
  13. People and the Self
  14. Human activities
  15. Culture & the Arts
    • Painting
  16. Literature (in old age)

Although my English is near-native, I am taking the time to improve it even further as I want to learn totally profound English, even though it is not my native language. I also enjoy listening to music (here is a Spotify playlist of most of my favourite songs) and in the past I was into sports such as football (soccer) and tennis, but gave them up and do not play nor watch them anymore; however, I like jogging.

In the future, I will improve this website signficantly and devote it mostly to Buddhism and IT, but also to other things I am learning about.

In the meantime, you can contact me via email or find me on social media (see below).

A tip: bear in mind that countless famous people have been (badly) defamed and so many of the things written about them are wrong and never happened. Enemies of theirs defamed them for posterity. Doubt everything written about famous and great people.

Name: Stephen Karakashev
Occupation: Student of IT for now, IT specialist in the future
Religion: Buddhism
Age: 33